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    Tossing Out the Diet and Embracing the Fat
    ASMBS: Gastric Bypass Linked to Abnormal Glucose Tolerance "The hyperglycemic cohort was characterized by a rapid rise to high sugar levels," said Dr. Roslin. "The fact that most of these patients had normal fasting glucose means we need to be very careful of what we call cure or control of diabetes."
    'Jumping Gene' Diminishes The Effect Of New Type 2 Diabetes Risk Gene
    Can't Stop Eating? For Some People, Obesity Is Not a Simple Failure of Self-Control.
    Why the Obesity Epidemic is NOT about health
    Fat celebrities a danger to our health? Come off it
    Segway helps disabled man more than wheelchair sfgate
    Call for Submissions Weighty Proposition: Films about Fatness, Bodies and Food
    Filmmakers and Video Artists are invited to submit films of any length to be screened as part of “Weighty Proposition: Films about Fatness, Bodies and Food.” What is it about a fat body that is scary, beautiful, bold, invisible, revolutionary, obscene? Why do our bodies become sites for debate, confusion, angst and exaltation? How do we come to our individual and cultural understanding of that universal question: Do you eat to live, or live to eat? We are looking for films that document fat positive movement building, that challenge our conceptions of fatness, that create new paradigms for beauty, that consider relationships between size, race, class and gender, that explore food and consumption, and that (most of all) express something fresh and new about fatness, bodies, and food.
    Films will be juried by the film series coordinator, Sara Zia Ebrahimi, and filmmaker Naima Lowe. Films not selected for the screening may be considered for future screenings throughout the year.
    Please fill out the submission form and send a DVD to: The Flickering Light Film Series, 409 E Pleasant Street, Philadelphia PA 19119, USA and arrive by August 1, 2009.
    Evolutionary Speculation About Tuberculosis and the Metabolic and Inflammatory Processes of Obesity This Commentary explores the possibility that the tuberculosis epidemic during previous centuries generated selective pressures that intensified the metabolic syndrome and the inflammatory processes now associated with obesity. These proinflammatory defenses (with immune systems that are especially robust and more easily triggered) in partnership with the metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance, dyslipidemias, and hypertension),1 may have provided an advantage during the tuberculosis pandemic when food availability was limited and average life span was short. Currently, in developed countries, tuberculosis is relatively uncommon, food is abundant, and life expectancy beyond the reproductive years is substantial; the evolutionarily enhanced immune and metabolic elements now act possibly to intensify the pathological consequences of obesity.
    Chubby people live longest: Japan study
    Obesity scientists share prize 'For those people who are beset with the problem of obesity, this is a most important discovery,' Yang Chen-ning, a professor and chairman of the Shaw Prize board, told reporters in Hong Kong. 'We all know that there is a tendency for relatives of obese persons to blame the person for lack of willpower. This discovery already shows that it is not a matter of willpower that is at the root of the problem of obesity, it is in fact a chemical process.'
    IUPUI study downplays link between fast food, fat kids
    Mother’s Fight Against Junk Food Puts a School on Edge
    Discovery Of Association Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea And Weight Gain "OSA is a disorder characterized by decreases or cessation of breathing during sleep. Obesity is a known risk factor for the disorder; however, it is hypothesized that the effects of OSA itself may predispose patients to weight gain."
    On Beth Ditto, "Promoting" Obesity & Fat Shame
    Hormone from Fat Cells Could Fight Breast Cancer
    Bingeing on Celebrity Weight Battles lots of quotes from the fatosphere.
    Trigger warning. Anti-Obesity Activist MeMe Roth Compares Eating To Rape
    Is everyone who's obese actually unhealthy? Fatties with heads (back of their heads but heads!) included.
    How 'fat chick' furore made adman think
    The Eye of the Beholder The Jewish Daily
    Striking a Pose for Girth
    Full-Figured Statuette, 35,000 Years Old, Provides New Clues to How Art Evolved
    The Best Diet Is No Diet: Fat Acceptance Authors Weigh In
    A Supreme Court Justice Can be Fat and Fit
    John Goodman Tries Beckett
    7 Ways to Celebrate No Diet Day
    Even Modest Exercise Can Reduce Negative Effects Of Belly Fat
    Fat will be lifesaver if pioneering stem cell therapy can beat MS
    Robert B. Fogel, M.D., Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital Engaged in scientific misconduct
    The US Public Health Service found that Respondent engaged in scientific misconduct by falsifying and fabricating baseline data from a study of sleep apnea in severely obese patients published in the following paper: Fogel, R.B., Malhotra, A., Dalagiorgou, G., Robinson, M.K., Jakab, M., Kikinis, R., Pittman, S.D., and White, D.P. ``Anatomic and physiologic predictors of apnea severity in morbidly obese subjects.'' Sleep 2:150155, 2003 (hereafter referred to as the ``Sleep paper''); and in a preliminary abstract reporting on this work. Specifically, PHS found that for the data reported in the Sleep paper, the Respondent: Changed/falsified roughly half of the physiologic data Fabricated roughly 20% of the anatomic data that were supposedly obtained from Computed Tomography (CT) images Changed/falsified 50 to 80 percent of the other anatomic data Changed/falsified roughly 40 to 50 percent of the sleep data so that those data would better conform to his hypothesis. Respondent also published some of the falsified and fabricated data in an abstract in Sleep 24, Abstract SupplementA7, 2001.
    Goodbye, scale. Hello, health. A grassroots movement helps women gain health and self-esteem by losing their obsession with weight.
    AAPR Blasts United Airlines Decision to Discriminate Against People Association for Airline Passenger Rights (AAPR), NAAFA news
    United Airlines Discriminates Oakland, CA - NAAFA, a civil rights organization working to end discrimination against people of size strongly urges United Airlines to reconsider their new discriminatory policy of charging passengers of size for two seats. NAAFA news release
    AUDIO Thinness and Salvation by Sarah Yahm. The talented Sarah Yahm, who did a radio documentary for her master's degree in social documentation at UC Santa Cruz. Her piece got picked up on a website that's a big deal in radio land.
    No Shortage of Diet Books By Brenda Oelbaum
    Difference in fat storage may explain lower rate of liver disease in African-Americans
    FTC To Require Advertisers Using Testimonials To Show Typical Results
    Punishing us for that packet of Maltesers spiked-online
    Hydroxycut hepatotoxicity: A case series and review of liver toxicity from herbal weight loss supplements
    AED Guildings for Childhoold Obesity Prevention Programs Sigrún Daníelsdóttir, Cand.Psych., Deb Burgard, Ph.D., & Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, M.D. Academy For Eating Disorders
    PDF Gil Hedley PHD How I Fell in Love with Fat Ignore the cover of this document featuring Dr Oz and scroll through it to read an article by Gil Hedley. The pdf is modified to only contain the cover and Gil's article.
    PDF Researchers find food-free route to obesity Science Daily
    Study Shows Benefits Of Hormone Found In Fat Tissue science daily
    ADVICE: Four Fat Myths about Obesity and Cancer
    Separating fat from fiction on true extent of our 'obesity crisis'
    Does my butt look fat? Well, it is. And its OK to say it, because after decades of agonizing over my weight, I've finally realized that the F-word isn't dirty. By Kate Harding
    Weight Bias The Need for Public Policy WeightBiasPolicyRuddReport.pdf
    Problems Tied to Obesity Also Seem to Affect Sleep Studies find three separate links with sleep apnea health
    Nighttime Breathing Disorder Effects Are Independent of Obesity medpage today
    Acceptance no matter the size The Lantern
    Rising childhood obesity a myth: study Save your sanity and avoid reading the comments.
    PDF Size Doesn't Matter Samme Chittum. A note from the author: Please take a look and consider writing a letter to the editor in response to this empowering story so that the dialogue continues. Pass it around and encourage others to do the same. Send the letters to jackie.krentzman AT
    This file downloads from my account. If you experience problems let me know and I can email it to you or post it in another location.
    The health benefits of a well-developed derriere may be good news to ears of many women DailyMail
    Obesity has minimal impact on ovarian cancer survival News Medical Net
    Obese have right to 2 airline seats --Canada court reuters
    Fat So Funny mooreroom moore toons
    Weight fixation sends unhealthy messages Massey University
    Obesity a research journal Volume 16, Issue S2 November 2008 Just came out with a special supplement which presents a series of articles examining the nature and extent of weight bias, as well as its negative impact on obese adults and youth. (Free PDF and full text articles.)
    Love Your Body Day Now Foundation Oct 15, 2008
    Reflections Body Image Program
    Sammy Sumo wins silver at
    Research casts doubt on obesity epidemic ABC News
    The Obesity Panic Industrial Complex on the march in .... Alabama?
    fat & happy (what is wrong with wellness programs) 8 hours & a lunch
    NAAFA’s Response to Alabama NAAFA on myspace
    Pollution can make you fat, study claims
    You don't have to be thin to be healthy What Andrew Lansley doesn't seem to realise is that fatness is a physical characteristic, not a disease Marianne Kirby (The Rotund).
    Consumer Group Claims CDC Overstates Obesity Costs
    Substantia Jones's response to the article below (Better to be fat and fit than skinny and unfit). The New York Times (PDF)
    Better to be fat and fit than skinny and unfit The New York Times (PDF)
    The miracle weight loss that isn’t Risks of gastric-bypass surgery are often underplayed, some experts say MSNBC
    The body politic: the relationship between stigma and obesity-associated disease Peter Muennig. BMC Public Health
    Overweight workers as effective as thin ones, researchers find Jewish World View
    Fat advocates say Ohio anti-obesity ads demean children The Columbus Dispatch
    Anti Childhood Obesity Billboards Kick Up Debate WCPO ABC Channel 9
    For Health, Body Size Can Be Misleading The New York Times
    Rethinking Diets, Weight Loss and Health The New York Times
    Obesity Study Looks Thin The Wall Street Journal
    Flawed Logic in Obesity Forecast The New York Times
    Half of overweight adults may be heart-healthy SFGate.
    Obesity seen protective in cases of heart failure Reuters
    All About Eve West End Word
    Debunking Obese Stereotypes PsychCentral
    Dieting Makes You Fat Geoffrey Cannon explains in his book Dieting Makes You Fat. Alternet
    Fat-EThe new Pixar movie goes out of its way to equate obesity with environmental collapse. Slate
    Film takes fat pride to the wall
    Big Is In - Ad Campaign Magimix XL. designboom
    Will HBO prove that Fat Sells? TV Squad
    Is Fat the New Black? Leave some comments.
    Opinion L.A Los Angeles Times
    Should doctors lecture patients about their weight? Well - Tara Parker-Pope The New York Times.
    Diets? Don't bother TimesOnline
    As Mama Used to Say, Don't Laugh at Fat People Wynfred Russel. Mshale The African Community Newspaper
    Obesity may offer some protection after stenting Reuters.
    Eating Habits Not Sole Cause of Thinness or Obesity Washington Post
    Obesity helps mice fend off malaria
    New Scientist
    Thinness vs. obesity not directly linked to eating habits, study suggests e! Science News
    Even a thin person can get diabetes Mens Health MSNBC
    Govt inflating childhood obesity figures: Nelson ABC news AU
    Sugar intake not associated with obesity - survey
    Obesity Experts Aghast By Wii Fit Wired
    Obese people have an advantage when it comes to surviving illness Global National
    No Diet Day Vue Weekly
    Physical Activity, Healthy Eating And BMI Not Linked In Older Teens Science Daily
    Ariane Lopez-Huici’s exhibition Could Changing The Bacteria In Your Digestive System Be An Obesity Treatment? Science Daily
    Successful plus size model Velvet D´Amour gives her thoughts on the modeling industry GM.TV via Unapologetically Fat
    Research debunks health value of guzzling water Reuters.
    Researchers find six more diabetes genes: study Reuters.
    Seven hours of sleep will stop weight gain, say researchers Reuters.
    Sprawling neighborhoods not linked to obesity, study finds Reuters.
    Overweight Kids Have Fewer Cavities New York Times. Just an eye roll warning, most of the posters in the comment section of this article are idiots. Sandy at JFS unravels the "confusion" these researchers seem to have.
    Anne Griephenburg, Deb Malkin and Glenn Marla at the Brooklyn Flea. Just let the story play they are the last section. NY Times (LINK NOW FIXED)
    Increasing Obesity Requires New Ambulance Equipment The New York Times. There have always been fat people who needed this equipment. What ever they want to "blame" it on I am glad they are getting equipment to handle large people.
    Body Mass Index and Poststroke Mortality Poststroke mortality is inversely related to BMI: overweight and obese stroke patients have a lower poststroke mortality rate than normal-weight and underweight patients.
    Study: Teasing adds to weight problems USA Today
    VIDEO Woman with a million dollar image Reuters
    A sister in FAT in the news. complete with video Click On Detroit
    Genetics and Obesity Posted by dlende at Neuroanthropology Check out Fatfu's kick ass response in the comments.
    PRAIRIE VOICES: Fit and fat
    First ever size 16 girl reaches Miss England final Daily mail
    Fat and happy San Diego City Beat
    Obesity Study Sheds Light On How Genetics Affect Risk And Onset Of Common Diseases Science Daily
    Genes May Determine Obesity After Weight Surgery Researchers study factors in success of bariatric procedure US News World Report
    Obesity Associated With Clear Changes In Gene-networks And Dysfunction Of Mitochondria Science Daily
    Spotlight: A lens into multimedia Filmmaker develops new literacies for students. Sniplet: Looking through Julie Wyman’s lens, you wonder how Olympic medalist Cheryl Haworth, at 5-foot-9 and 300 pounds, is one of the world’s premier athletes. And then you realize that the weight is to her advantage. Hold it. Fat is unhealthy. Fat is supposed to be bad. How can this be? Wyman is hoping for just that reaction when people see her new documentary sometime next year. As an artist devoted to new insights into the human condition, Wyman is using video to change how people think about body weight and health.
    New Book Fat Rights: Dilemmas of Difference and Personhood (Paperback) by Anna Kirkland (Author). Description from Anna: It’s called Fat Rights: Dilemmas of Difference and Personhood, and it explores the pre-existing terrain in the law for developing fat rights claims, both critically and hopefully. It’s an academic book but I’ve been told it’s clearly written (I tried very hard, anyway) and it explicitly addresses questions that I mean to be helpful, like how to make the best arguments for fat rights given the languages law supplies.
    The Obesity Police Are Coming Thomas A Bowden
    Policing Johnnys Diet psychology today
    Daniel Engber: Shut up about the cost of obesity The Dallas Morning News
    Analyzing effect of obesity on ICU patients UB University at Buffalo Reporter
    When it comes to prevention: First Do No Harm via Sandy Szwarc at junkfood science
    Debate about fatness increases health risks Kathy J. Kater,Psychotherapist, Specialist in Promotion of Body Image, Eating, Fitness and Weight
    Look at all causes of childhood obesity, APH dietitian says
    Mind Over Matter: SH2B1 In The Brain Regulates Obesity
    Adult-Onset Obesity Seen In Mice When Gene Disrupted
    Adult-onset obesity seen in mice when gene ubiquitin disrupted
    Identification and Replication of a Novel Obesity Locus on Chromosome 1q24 in Isolated Populations of Cilento
    Can Bacteria Make You Fat?
    I smell a rat
    Abolish the Fat Tax!It's time to shut up about "the cost of obesity".
    VIDEO Kimberly Brittingham on Today - Fat is contagious book cover
    Nature tops nurture in childhood obesity: study
    Obesity may be largely genetic
    Fat people cheaper to treat, study says
    Feeling fat may be worse for you than being fat
    Lucinda Breeding: Fat and Happy online?
    Let´s call a ceasefire in the ´war on obesity´
    Weighty Assumptions
    Dieting Does Not Work, Researchers Report
    In the Fatosphere, Big Is in, or at Least Accepted
    Witt student to be featured on MTV show She has become a fat activist and created the Body Beautiful Project that promotes size acceptance.
    Pure Weight Loss aka L.A. Weight Loss Goes belly up! Now if the rest would just follow! Check out Unapologetically Fat and Junkfood Science for more info
    Love your fat self
    Barbara Altman Bruno, Ph.D.´s letter to the editor of the American Journal of Psychiatry has been published in the January 2008 issue in response to the May 2007 AJP editorial by Volkow & O´Brien proposing that "obesity" be included as a "brain disorder" in DSM-IV.
    Shame on US
    When fatness becomes madness
    Dont fall for the big fat lie when proof of the padding is thin
    Finding the Fit in Fat New Study Shows It´s Fitness Not Fat That Matters Most
    Why being fat doesnt matter if youre fit
    Exercise Alone Reduces Insulin Resistance in Obese Children Independently of Changes in Body Composition
    The lovely Velvet D´Amour Obesity series part IV size acceptance in FranceTranscript with pictures, Or listen here
    Who´s Afraid Of Fat
    170kg man wins court battle with airline
    The Dangers of Competitive Dieting
    Fat Chances is overweight the new healthy?
    Curvy mothers have brainier kids
    Weighing in Local bloggers look forward to a future of fat acceptance.
    Nightclub opens with plussized crowd in mind
    Fat Pride World Wide - The growing movement for avoirdupois acceptance
    Obesity ´epidemic´ Who are you calling fat
    New nerves grown from fat cells Lets hear it for the fat
    Brain System Serves as Remote Control for Fat Metabolism
    An INTERVIEW with Dr. Claude Bouchard
    What Kevin Trudeau doesn´t want you to know
    FTC goes after star of weight-loss infomercial TEXT VERSION
    For the Overweight Bad Advice by the Spoonful
    Interview with Linda Bacon on weight and health
    More ups than downs for yo-yo dieters
    Genes Take Charge and Diets Fall by the Wayside Was at NY Times now is offered as text file.
    Set Point
    Obesity epidemic an illusion, experts say
    All Politics is Loco Size matters
    A list of articles at Spiked
    Are There Good Foods and Bad Foods TEXT VERSION
    Soda Diabetes Linked by Scientific Misconduct
    The Lockup diet - Campos
    Obesity Obsession - Steven Milloy
    Response to Obesity Study Published in New England Journal of Medicine
    One Big Fat Lie
    Non-dieters more successful at boosting health than dieters study finds
    Bottom line on obesity
    Dr Dean
    Fattened Statistics
    Is logic the latest victim of ´obesity epidemic´
    The damage done by a culture of fat loathing
    Fat guys kick ass
    I´m obese, you´re obese Steven A. Shaw
    The Empire of Alarmists Strike Back Text Version
    A diet of hysteria

    Sandy Szwarc

    Junkfood Science Sandy Szwarc
    Paradoxes — Compel us to think
    "The next four posts will share with you four recently published studies in peer-reviewed medical journals that the media ignored. Like countless other studies that the public never hears about, these articles probably didn’t come with press releases because there was nothing to sell you or to promote. In JFS’s objective to help you get a fuller story and to encourage all of us to think critically and for ourselves*, we’ll share these studies. They could be said to be about the obesity paradox, healthy lifestyle paradox and figure flaw-paradox…"
    Paradoxes compel us to think — Part Two
    Dr. Reubin Andres, M.D., a gerontologist at the National Institute on Aging and a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins, admitted that weight loss can improve blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol in the short term. “The only problem is that when you look at mortality rates,” he said, “they don’t look good. Fat people who are subject to weight loss have a higher mortality rate than those who remain fat.”
    Do you know how your genetic information could be used? You may be surprised!
    When it comes to prevention: First Do No Harm via Sandy Szwarc at junkfood science
    How we´ve come to believe that overeating causes obesity
    Stop the presses! Bariatric surgeons admit obesity does not increase risk of dying or risks for heart disease
    Obesity Paradox 1
    Obesity Paradox 2 How can it be a disease if it has health benefits?
    Obesity Paradox 3
    Obesity Paradox 4
    A baby paradox
    Big Bad Bones
    When does a paradox stop beoming a paradox
    Reading in the dark will make you go blind
    Obeisty Paradox 9 Fat on the brain.
    It´s better to die of HIV than become fat?
    Obesity paradox 13 take heart

    Marilyn Wann

    Marilyn did an hour-long interview on local CBS radio last night. Click on the link for the time period from 9PM to 10PM. The discussion of United Airlines starts just before the 8-minute point in that hour and continues through to the end of the hour. KGO news talk AM 819
    Flap Over "Fat Fliers" with video. CBS News
    TM11: Fat Activism goes BIG By bridging performance and academia these Bay Area activists are bringing attention to fat bodies and then asking, so? But their serious ambitions aren’t without a certain flare for fun and fashion.
    Kelly Cochran, a young college activist, rewrites her beliefs about what it means to be a fat dancer by joining the PHAT FLY GIRLS. Long-standing activist, Marilyn Wann, takes to the streets with her handmade YAY SCALES that beg the question, aren’t we all a little bit fabulous? Sondra Solovay takes a more scholarly approach as a lawyer/teacher/writer behind the forthcoming FAT STUDIES READER. The Reader promises to bring the world of fat activism and fat academia together through a varied collection of writings. The assumption is that fat is a civil rights issue and an area of study no different from race, gender and queer studies.
    1,000 Fat Cranes Project Marilyn Wann. 1,000 Fat Cranes is a response to the Japanese government's decision to measure everyone's waist.
    1,000 Fat Cranes asks the Japanese government: Please end the war on waistlines...please make peace with people of all sizes.
    Positively Fat Marilyn Wann on radio netherlands
    Marilyn Wann To Appear at Abundia Retreat for Plus-Size Women
    Japanese Employers Face Fines for Employing Fat People With linkage to Marilyn Wann's 1000 fat cranes project
    Fat-is-beautiful activist Marilyn Wann protests Japan's thinness law Marilyn Wann.
    Episode 1: The Queer Fat Femme In the first episode of FemmeCast: women explain their fat femme identity, Tara on spring fatshion, Kelli Dunham is not a girly-girl, Rachael on sex and Craigslist, Naima on sexy sci-fi, a featured interview with fat activist Marilyn Wann, and much much more!
    Obesity Discrimination from whptv Marilyn Wann and there is a video too.
    Fat rebel to speak at York College Marilyn Wann is working to make height and weight discrimination illegal.
    Fat rebel to speak at York College - Marilyn Wann
    Marilyn Wann - WHP News Story and video.
    Full on with Lenard Nimoy, an interview by Marilyn Wann
    Does God want you to be slim? Watch Marylin Wann´s response. CNN Video
    FAT!SO? : Because You Don´t Have to Apologize for Your Size (Paperback)

    Kate Harding

    Kate Harding, Deb Malkin, For Some, Obesity Becoming a Civil Rights Issue
    Kate Harding & Marianne Kirby Kate Harding & Marianne Kirby Lessons From the Fat-o-Sphere Join them Sunday, May 10 @ 1 p.m. for food & drinks starting at 12:30 p.m. at the Lir Irish Pub, 903 Boylston St., Boston.
    VIDEO Kate Harding Discusses United's Plan To Charge "Obese" Passengers For A Second Seat CNN, youtube-petulantrumble
    The queen of fat bloggers takes no prisoners
    RPT-FEATURE-Obesity becoming U.S civil rights issue for some

    Jon Robison

    Helping without harming. Kids, Eating, Weight and Health
    The assumption that as children are getting fatter they are becoming unhealthier is also not supported by the latest research from England that concluded there was "no rise in the number of children suffering from longstanding illnesses, which include type II diabetes."
    Health At Every Size
    First Do No Harm
    Dr. Jon Robison´s new white paper, The "Childhood Obesity Epidemic" What is The Real Problem and What Can We Do About It?

    Blog Highlights

    Beth Ditto for Evans Launch aka I taught Kate Moss how to do Donut Hands "I showed her how to do donut hands. Kate Moss did donut hands and we flashed the 'nut at each other. Life is good." obesitytimebomb
    I write letters Melissa McEwan. shakesville
    Help NAAFA change Nevada laws on weight discriminationVIA BigFatBlog
    Obesity problems--true and faux Feed Me! Harriet Brown
    dying from a surgery which might not work anyway suethsayings
    Studies refute common stereotypes about obese workers EurekAlert via Amptoons blog filed under fat fat and more fat
    Hey, Fatties: Thanks for Screwing Everything Up for the Rest of Us guest blogger Erica Barnett at Shakesville
    How it works - Kate Harding. Shapely Prose
    Dear Mr Premier, come take a walk with me… Blog Highlight - Fat Lot Of Good.
    Love letter to a fat man men_in_full
    fillyjonk on Imaginary bodies
    Do you know how your genetic information could be used? You may be surprised! Blog Highlight JunkFoodScience
    fillyjonk on Imaginary bodies
    Fatosphere in the redeye
    Fuck that. Good with cheese.
    Kate Harding´s Shapely Prose - The fantasy of being thin Exceptionally Fat - The lottery
    Unapologetically Fat - Action and Inspiration
    Babble - Repeat after me...
    Red No. 3 The only good fat person
    Check it out Joy Nash has her own IMDB page.
    Fat Fu Notes-from-the-fatosphere
    Amptoons blog fat fat and more fat
    The Case Against Weight Loss Dieting
    On The Whole New CDC study debunks "obesity" hype & fears
    Elizabeth Fisher, For Safety´s Sake
    Fatty Patties its not about the food
    Brand Thin
    Lynn Murry Spin Doctor Phil vs Fat Acceptance

    Pod Casts

    FemmeCast! The Queer Fat Femme Podcast Guide to Life is an audio newsmagazine for Queer Fat Femmes, Fatshionistas of all sexualities and Queers of all genders
    PODCAST Abigail Saguy - Defining the Ideal Body
    PODCAST Dan Carlin on the not so real obesity epidemic. The fat content is near the end to skip forward to it:
    PODCAST Calorie myths Dr Glenn Gaesser. MP3 podcast and now his power point presentation is available as well.
    PODCAST From the BBC The truth about obesity. Even though it is "so so" I will let it slide because of all the good things it says.

    Entertainment News

    Why the women of planet earth need more Susan Boyles "If a woman in the media is fat, ugly or old, that becomes her defining characteristic. Margaret Cho was "fat" and that was a good portion of her whole schtick. And now she's super thin. I mean, if America Ferrara (a.k.a. Ugly Betty) is our poster child for "fat" girls, then we're in trouble folks. Even in her craziest outfits, Betty Suarez is still pretty cute."
    This story also contains a link to a song Susan Boyles recorded for a charity album in 1999. For the people who were worried she can't sing in any other style? Rest your fears, listen. and
    Beth Ditto on the cover of LOVE from the
    JPG Full Size Cover Beth Ditto on the cover of LOVE magazine.
    Beth Ditto at the Brit Awards Video Clip. And here is Beth on the red carpet at the Brit Awards. And last but not least is this youtube clip of Mika at the Brit Awards and Beth joins in for part of his act.
    Beth Ditto at the Brit Awards
    Beth Ditto on the red carpet at the Brit Awards
    YouTubeMika at the Brit Awards and Beth Ditto joins in
    "Fat Pig" to challenge audiences´ thoughts on beauty
    Broadarts Theatre - Fat And Sassy
    Youtube Beth Ditto - Gossip - fashion rocks 2007
    Joy Nash - Fruit and Fly
    The SPIN Interview Beth Ditto
    Talking Shop Beth Ditto
    The big show Exploring the larger side of Burlesque at the Milky Way
    In The Ring With Katy


    Fat Studies in the UK is inspired by the first British UK Fat Studies seminar held in York in May 2008. The seminar helped bring together academics, health practitioners, activists and artists to discuss how contemporary UK culture represents, attempts to control and demonises fat, and to share and generate ways of countering these ideas on many fronts. FSUK contains articles, cartoons, personal reflection and reports of activism that offer a variety of ways to understand and respond to mainstream perspectives on fat, as well as stirring and suggestive calls to action in the classroom and in the gym, on the page and on the streets, in the home and in clothes shops. Fat Studies in the UK is designed to appeal to a wide audience, including practitioners, fat activists, students and academics in the fields of health and medicine, sociology, and media and cultural studies, and anyone who is concerned with the ideas perpetrated in the current 'obesity epidemic' by government, health bodies, and mainstream media. You can order it from Raw Nerve, Alternative Bookshop Online, Amazon or from any good bookshop on or offline.
    Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society (Paperback) by Kathy Barron (Author), Anne S. Kaplan (Author), Corinna Makris (Author), Lesleigh J. Owen (Author), Frannie Zellman (Author, Editor.)
    FAT is a new exhibit from local artist Lisa Marie Barren Art Building - University of New Mexico,Albuquerque New Mexico Free Admission.
    FAT consists of projected moving images of subjects’ body fat manipulated to create ambiguous forms. The exhibition is on view in the John Sommers Gallery, from April 3 through April 10, 2009. The opening reception for FAT will be held on April 3, 2009, from 6 – 9 pm, at the John Sommers Gallery located in the Art Building at the University of New Mexico main campus.
    Barren is interested in exposing what she feels society thinks should be eliminated or hidden in everyday life, such as one’s own body fat.
    BOOK Lisa Marie Barren also has a book coming out to complement the exhibit above. You can view the first 15 pages here
    Forbidden to be fat FatLand, a new novel that wraps its story around a fictitious U.S. territory of the same name, calls attention not only to the bias that is sometimes placed upon overweight people, but to the ways in which a utopia for such people would be impossible.
    North Bergen author Frannie Zellman’s first published novel deals with the complexities of society and how her characters – of various sizes – deal with them.
    The Fat Man at the End of the World The fat heroes are coming! (And it's about time, too!) At the festival of the End of the World, a teenager searches for meaning in a flying slum. In the city, a young detective investigates an impossible crime. And there’s trouble brewing at ‘fat camp’, a classy weight-loss retreat for the rich and famous... Writers. Rockstars. Cops. Eight stories from new and established writers take on the stereotypes and give them a fat-positive spin. Print: $8.49,Download: $1.00
    The 'Fat' Female Body (Hardcover) Samantha Murray. Exploring the rapidly increasing interest in obesity and fatness, this book engages with dominant ideas about "fatness" and analyses the assumptions that inform anti-fat attitudes in the West, looking at the intersection of medicine and morality in pathologizing "fat" bodies.
    Also available at Macmillian
    Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body by Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby is available for pre-order at Amazon
    Fatland by Frannie Zellman (fatthought) is available at Amazon
    Health At Every Size The surprising Truth about your weight By Linda Bacon PhD is now available for purchase!
    Book Review Vaught, Susan. 2008. Big Fat Manifesto. Reviewed by ya romance challange
    The Obesity Myth: Why America´s Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health (Hardcover)
    FAT!SO? : Because You Don´t Have to Apologize for Your Size (Paperback)
    Fat Chicks Rule
    The Fat Girls Guide To Life
    Nothing to Lose: A Guide to Sane Living in a Larger Body (Paperback)
    Bountiful Women: Large Women´s Secrets for Living the Life They Desire (Paperback)


    Real Bodies Clothing from Bali Some larger sizes. The largest size tunic they offer says its 80 inches across, I am not sure if that is bust size or just "across". Lots of beautiful fabric to select from.
    If you are in Portland or going to be in Portland check out fat fancy fashions an underground plus~size clothing boutique offering some fab fat clothes! They have a video here about their store. Stay in touch with them on myspace!
    Sewing Connie Crawford Butterick patterns XS to 6X. Size 6X measurements: 42-44W Bust:66-68 Waist:66-68 Hip: 74-76 Bicep: 24
    Wide Your site for fashionable wide-calf boots.
    One Stop Plus some good bra shopping here with large sizes. Clothing too.
    4W Womens snow boots Frost Walker Propet® and Prague Propet
    Free plus sized knitting patterns via DaniFae.
    BLUR Focused on sizes 12-32 Clothing
    Fresh Pair - underware and bras
    Stef has a really extencive list of Super Size clothing retailers
    Size Queen Clothing - When large just is not big enough
    Fashion Patterns By Connie Xtra Small to 42-44W 6X
    Plus Woman sizes 1 to 10X
    Decent Exposures - Natural Cotton Clothing
    b&lu Plus Size Fashion
    BBW Boutique
    Large and in charge list of clothing links
    Love Your Body Project Tee Shirts
    Big Girl Gear Clothing.
    Rosealee Womens Apparel 18W to 50W
    I Sew Plus Sews large size fashions busts to 88"
    Mizrak Clothing - sizes to 15X 109" bust
    Sandie´s Boutique Clothing.
    Big on Batik Womens Clothing
    Myles Ahead Plus And Super Size Clothing.
    Making it Big Clothing.
    Purrfection Fun sewing patterns up to 5X.
    Peggy Lutz Clothes.
    Zappos Wide Shoes
    Just Wide Shoes
    Online Shoes wide shoes
    Big and Tall Guys - Mens Clothing
    Epic Mens Wear - Mens Clothing
    Big Men - Mens Clothing
    Big And Tall Direct - Mens Clothing
    Huffmans Big & Tall - Mens Clothing
    Plus Size Outlet
    The Big The Bad The Beautiful Clothing - Aug 2008 site down, unsure if its closed
    Zaftique size 12 to 36/38 Clothing

    Fat Resources

    Discover Your Healthy Weight - NEW DVD! Medical experts explain how dieting ultimately leads to increased weight and health problems.
    Women share their stories of self-doubt and unhealthy behaviors, and how they learned to trust and love their unique bodies.
    Discover how you can improve your quality of life with this informational and inspirational DVD that is changing the lives of women across the country.
    Food For Thought" Pyramids
    You can view a sample of the pyramid by clicking the picture in the links right menu bar.
    Fatigued by the relentless over emphasis on healthy eating for the purpose of weight loss, Laura McKibbin developed the “Food for Thought” Pyramid in a burst of creativity fueled by rage and probably a touch of sleep deprivation.
    The pyramid’s holistic message and subversive tone resonated with Jon Robison, who has helped refine the pyramid and has included it in his presentations to audiences everywhere.
    HAES UK Celebrate health for everyone of all sizes!
    Elizabeth Fisher is my fucking hero! I have been hoping to hear good news about the Travel Scoot from fat folks and she has not only purchased one and let us know of her travels but set up a blog at mytravelscoot so we can follow her and her travel scoot adventures!. Fat folks who have problems walking long distances (me included) keep an eye on the travel scoot so far it looks like a dream come true. Also check out her Women Of Size Class Members Try out the Travel Scoot page.
    Association For Size Diversity And Health has a new website. They are also offering a $20 membership for new members for the next couple months. If you are practicing HAES consider joining.
    Size Net UK for obesity, size acceptance and more
    Fat Activist Network The Network for People Fighting for Fat Rights.
    HAES Community Registry Health At Every Size. Linda Bacon would like to encourage you to enter the information you have on HAES-positive people and resources into the HAES Community Registry.
    Health at Every Size has a new community resource site.
    The Fat Experience Project Humanizing the life lived large.
    Chunky Dunk PDX private pool party
    HAES(Health at every size)Myths and Realities PDF - Deb Burgard
    fatfacts wiki Fat Facts -- a resource for academics on fat acceptance. Currently under construction. This will be an excellent resource.
    Junkfood Science
    Health At Every Size
    Helping without harming. Kids, Eating, Weight and Health
    The assumption that as children are getting fatter they are becoming unhealthier is also not supported by the latest research from England that concluded there was "no rise in the number of children suffering from longstanding illnesses, which include type II diabetes."
    Fat Girl Magazine
    The Body Positive
    Babble a body acceptance blog has assembled a NICE list of fat acceptance blogs that you can subscribe to.
    Fat studies Fat studies is an important area of academic scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. The fat studies group is a discussion forum for people engaged in academic work on this topic and for people who seek to create social change around weight oppression. This is not a forum for promotion of the goal of weight loss.
    NAAFA recommended reading list
    Health At Every Size
    Big Adventures Scuba Tips for plus size women and their allies
    Queen Bee Productions
    Size Matters with Veronica
    Big Girl, Big Stuff Tours
    Joy Nash
    MaryMc´s Fat Acceptance Stuff
    Red No. 3
    Largesse the network for size esteem
    Fat Girl mini-zine
    Big Fat Index
    Big Fat Facts
    Big Fat Blog
    Size Wise
    NAAFA National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.
    Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH)
    Nothing to lose Video
    Love Your Body Project
    Fat Thin Alliance: Parents of Fat Kids offers support for parents and their larger children and teens. This is a Health at Every Size (HAES), size acceptance-oriented group
    that does not discuss or endorse pursuing weight loss.
    Abigail Saguy Podcast - Defining the Ideal Body
    Feminist Reprise Archive
    F.A.T.A.S.S PDX Fat Action Troupe Allstar Spirit Squad
    Cats House of fun It really is fun. Check out her pics
    Dear Fat Frannie
    Love your body project
    SeaFATtle Raising Consciousness By Raising Hell
    A place at the table
    Kelly Bliss Plus Size Yellow pages
    Body Positive
    First Do No Harm An excellent read.
    Grand Style Womans Club
    NOLOSE The National Org for Lesbians of size
    FAT!SO? For people who dont apologize for their size.
    Radiance Magazine The Magazine For Large Women.
    More BBW Resources Page Of Misc BBW Resources. Fat...So?
    Big Moves committed to increasing size diversity in the dance world.
    Adios Barbie
    In Fitness and in Health
    International Size Acceptance Assoc.
    Fat Friendly Health Professionals.
    Have a good or bad experience with a doctor? Rate them here let us all know how they are with fat patients
    About Face, be sure not to miss this one.
    Generous City A community of size and fat acceptance.
    Aspartame If you consume diet products that contain Nutrasweet read this.
    Killing us for our own good, an educational video presentation.
    Fat Acceptance Stuff a great site full of information.
    BBW Friendly
    Everything BBW
    Fat Girl Speaks
    Show me the data
    Dont tell me what size I must B
    Dimensions Where Big is Beautiful.
    The Padded Lilies
    LIPIDLEGGIN (c) 1978 F. Paul Wilson.

    Big Fat Carnivals

    Big Fat Carnival First Edition
    Big Fat Carnival Second Edition
    Big Fat Carnival Number 3
    Big Fat Carnival Number 4
    Big Fat Carnival Number 5 was at - no longer available
    Big Fat Carnival 6th Edition

    Fat Art

    Botero Sculptures at Time Warner Center
    Richard Onyango
    Eva Hannah Gallery Fat Ladies
    Lady At Large
    Bertane Sculture
    Steffi Greenbaum
    Leandro Velasco Pardo
    FAT is a new exhibit from local artist Lisa Marie Barren Art Building - University of New Mexico,Albuquerque New Mexico Free Admission.
    FAT consists of projected moving images of subjects’ body fat manipulated to create ambiguous forms. The exhibition is on view in the John Sommers Gallery, from April 3 through April 10, 2009. The opening reception for FAT will be held on April 3, 2009, from 6 – 9 pm, at the John Sommers Gallery located in the Art Building at the University of New Mexico main campus.
    Barren is interested in exposing what she feels society thinks should be eliminated or hidden in everyday life, such as one’s own body fat.
    BOOK Lisa Marie Barren also has a book coming out to complement the exhibit above. You can view the first 15 pages here
    Sketch: fat Samurai
    Broadarts Theatre - Fat And Sassy
    Brenda Oelbaum's Photos – Diet Deity Photoshoot Highlights
    David Addison Small - Grounded Angels
    Raks Africa Fat Belly Dancers
    Full on with Lenard Nimoyinterview by Marilyn Wann
    Florence Studio Wonderful World - Beautifully Big
    Les Toil - Big Beautiful Pin-Up Girls
    the adipositivity project validity of big women one fat fanny at a time.
    Leonard Nimoy Full Body Project
    The Big Ballet
    Danza Voluminosa Dance Troupe
    Fernando Botero (1938)
    The Mudd Women by Joyce Mudd
    BBW Gifts
    Fat Horse and Rider - Thomas Mangold
    Fat Giraffe - Thomas Mangold

    Fat Media

    Youtube Free Hugs and Acceptance at Portland Saturday Market youtube via
    Youtube Femme Enfant by Velvet d'Amour 2009 From Velvet: This video is one of an upcoming series of videos I am making which aims to celebrate a diverse range of Beautiful people. I'm yawningly bored with the same vision of purported 'beauty' that the modern media currently offers, there are zillions of different types of Beautiful people whom we walk by daily, and yet just one screamingly stringent dictate, of purported 'beauty', that continues to smile down upon us from the billboards, TV screens and magazines.
    Youtube If you are fucking offended by the word fuck then don't fucking click this link THE BIG FAT GAY COLLAB!video
    Beth Ditto on the cover of LOVE from the
    JPG Full Size Cover Beth Ditto on the cover of LOVE magazine.
    Youtube SecretTrois dancing to Single Ladies. Check out their other dancing videos, they rock
    Tri Delta- Fat Talk Free Week Oct 12 to Oct 17 Delta Delta Delta and key partners are raising the nation's consciousness about the dangers of fat talk and the impact it has on women's self-esteem and confidence.
    VIDEO Sumo Car Wash commercial for the subaru forester. youtube
    Fat Femme Mafia in Trinity Bellwoods Park Random Videos from a Queer in Toronto.
    Fat Rant 3 Joy Nash. Youtube. Joy rocks it again.
    Erin Remick - Fat Dinosty YouTube via Joy Nash
    The Brian Lehrer Show has an interview with Anna Kirkland and Lara Frater. Look for Weighty Issues and click the listen to the whole show, then scroll down the menu that opens to Weighty Issues.
    13:06 Fat Rights: The Next Civil Rights Frontier?Guests Anna Kirkland, Marilyn Wann, Byron Rushing. The Kojo Nnamdi show WAMU 88.5 FM
    The Full Body Project Gets the Colbert bump.
    Youtube This video by HIFY staff Tina Mahle will expand your mind about fat, body image and self esteem. We think you will soon agree that...Tina rules!
    In case you live under a rock and have missed it, Rachel and Mo were on The Morning Show. Here are the YouTube videos:
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Green Room Discussion
    On the whole has sumo wrestlers vs soccer players for pepsi
    A celebration of curves has a Dove video on the beauty industry, which would be a better video if it wasnt made by a company in the beauty industry.. but you get the point.
    Creamy nougat lair has a Mac airbook parody
    Youtube Beth Ditto - Gossip - fashion rocks 2007
    Women´s Bodies (MP3) by Eve Decker, Rebecca Riots, a band from Berkeley has a song called Womens Bodies. You can listen it here
    The Padded Lilies making waves on MSNBC week in pictures.
    Velvet´s Myspace page all vixen all the time
    Does God want you to be slim? Watch Marylin Wann´s response. CNN Video
    Big Girls You Are Beautiful by Mika. Sort of on the iffy side, but I´ll let it slide.
    Moulin Huge!
    Fantastic fat belly dancer courtesy of Big Fat Deal
    Sista Big Bones Video - YouTube
    Joy Nash´s Fat Rant Video - YouTube
    OKdave Reflect Respect Video- Google
    Lo-rider - Skinny Video - YouTube
    Mo´Nique´s Video Clips Flash - click on the Video link once you are there. You have to watch the Mo´Nique´s Dance Video
    Glamazons lady marmalade Video - YouTube
    Glamazons hot stuff Video - YouTube
    Glamazons GLBT 2007 expo
    Glamazons GLBT 2007 expo (2)
    Glamazons It´s raining men
    Meowser´s song. Description from fat fu: "It´s called "Venus if You Will…" and my "band name" is Normal Fauna. I played everything — the keyboard parts for piano, bass and congas, plus live tambourines and shakers, plus did the vocals. It’s available on for downloading or streaming (there´s a low-fi stream available if you´re on dialup). Click on the link below, then on the song link on the right side of the page. Hope you enjoy!"


    Elizabeth Fisher is my fucking hero! I have been hoping to hear good news about the Travel Scoot from fat folks and she has not only purchased one and let us know of her travels but set up a blog at mytravelscoot so we can follow her and her travel scoot adventures!. Fat folks who have problems walking long distances (me included) keep an eye on the travel scoot so far it looks like a dream come true. Also check out her Women Of Size Class Members Try out the Travel Scoot page.
    Knee socks that fit really large calves My calves are 21 - 22 inches and these socks fit. The socks also have no seams and are very comfortable.
    Aluminum Big Wide Recliner Supports up to 300 lbs. 25"W from inside arm to inside arm.
    The Beast One of the largest recliners in the industry, this Beast recliner features extra support, extra durability and extra comfort. When reclined, it extends to a lengthy 83" and is tested to withstand over 400 pounds of everyday use.
    Matching Your Body Type To Your Office Chair informative guide to chair buying for fat people.
    Eastern Serenity Yoga Fanatics Fat yoga statues.
    Ebay Seller - Bidet washlets-convert reg. toilet to a bidet. I have and love this product
    Bidush - click on "Our Products" then "Bidush"
    Get Seatbelt Extenders
    Doc´s Hang All Hangers
    Folding chair that supports 800 lbs
    Swimming pool steps that support 400 pounds
    Bath Benchs that support up to 400 pounds
    Great John Toilets
    Big John Toilet Seats
    Rubbermaid 2 step stool
    Office Master Chairs
    WingIts Solution Company - Heavy Duty Fasteners
    Parsons ADL Inc. Manufacturers & Distributors of Accessories for Daily Living
    Attic Stairs With an 800 pound capasity.
    Ample Stuff
    My Size USA .com Large Size Non-Clothing Items
    A reader named Wiggy send me a note about Big Butt Chairs
    Wiggy said: "spreading the word about what I just had custom made for me in Portland, Oregon. Sturdy, beautiful cedar Adirondack style chairs with wide & deep enough seat, high enough back and armrests and strong wood made by Lisa aka, phone=971-570-7615. She was great to deal with, makes em in her backyard and even delivered a set of two chairs and footstool for under $400. She wants to make more for people who don´t fit in standard (skinny) sizes! Use her but don´t abuse her!"


    Chunky Dunk PDX private pool party
    Club Round
    Club Plus Life In Reno
    Linda´s Big Connections is the Midwest´s Largest Social Club for Big Beautiful Women Big Handsome Men friends & admirers
    BBW-BHM Personals.
    BBW Northwest

    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    Links for September and October 2009

    Nightclubs for the plus-size begin to weigh in

    Surgery for weight loss is far from an easy fix Lily O’Hara via

    Diets? Not for these folks Weary of counting calories, some overweight people have a new goal -- to be happy and healthy, not thin.

    Fat at 40 is better than thin, scientists warn It is better to be fat than thin at age 40, according to a new study which shows that the overweight are likely to live longer than those who are slim.

    Fat Lips & Other Smack Talk: The Language of Fat

    Marilyn Wann Seeking fat acceptance
    Size-tolerance activists envision a day 'when fat phobia becomes as intolerable as racism.'

    VIDEO Mayilyn Wann A brief interview on Fox about the New Jersey governor's race, where a fat guy Republican candidate's opponent is using anti-fat ads

    Diets? Not for these folks
    Weary of counting calories, some overweight people have a new goal -- to be happy and healthy, not thin.

    Do extra pounds always equal extra risk?
    Researchers say plenty of fat people are healthy, and plenty of thin people are unhealthy.

    Liz Taylor doing well: Showing again the benefits of extra pounds or even obesity for heart patients

    Living the Life Gabby Sidibe's astonishing debut in Precious.

    BRENDA OELBAUM She’s a woman, she’s a feminist, she’s an artist. And she believes in changes. And truth.

    VIDEO 'Fat Acceptance': Women Embrace the F-word They make you watch a commercial before the "real" video starts. 85 Pounds Later, Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Is Happier and Healthier. BONUS Kate Harding is toward the end of the clip.

    James Fallows Emptying the obesity-and-class mailbag

    Fat-and-fit movement growing

    The Real Cause of Obesity
    It's not gluttony. It's genetics. Why our moralizing misses the point.
    Jeffrey Friedman.

    Victim of the weighting game bounces back featuring the fatospheres Bri King.

    Miriam Berg - Letter
    Bias Against Heavy People

    Punishing obesity compounds the problem -- Connie Schultz

    Plot thickens on the 'healthy obese' debate

    Cleveland Clinic CEO apologizes to staff for ‘hurtful’ comments in obesity debate

    Fat studies emerges as an academic field S.D. professor co-edited a book on the subject.

    Fat and Fit Photos: Defying Stereotypes About Obesity. Happy, Healthy and Heavy

    A New Focus on Fat SDSU Women's Studies professor Esther Rothblum is the editor of The Fat Studies Reader.

    Professor helps pioneer field of fat studies. McCrossin focuses on fat characters in literature

    The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck coming to Oxygen.

    Is Weight-Loss Advice Unethical?

    Evidence for a strong genetic influence on childhood adiposity despite the force of the obesogenic environment

    PDF Obesity—still highly heritable after all these years

    Our Big Fat Intolerant Society Whose Planet Is It Anyway blogspot

    A Century Later, She’s Still Red Hot Sophie Tucker, rad fattie.

    Clothes The Modern She also has a yahoo group CurvyChickBoutique

    Here is the Marilyn vs. PETA video. The interviewer is an idiot so please note this HUGE TRIGGER WARNING.
    Does PETA billboard mock fat?

    Who Says Americans Are Too Fat?
    Overselling the obesity epidemic isn't getting us anywhere. You can be big and healthy at the same time.

    Teen lit alive with positive characters of size

    Confessions of a Skinny Fat Person: Welcome to The Fat Wars

    Fat in the liver -- not the belly -- is a better marker for disease risk

    Belly fat may be innocent bystander

    FDA Looking Into Liver Problems With Obesity Drug Orlistat

    Low-carb diets damage arteries

    Fat on Film what pop culture tells us about being obese in America.